Types of Commercial Security Systems

19 April 2022
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19 April 2022, Comments: 0

home security deviceIn today’s society, providing a commercial security system for your business is essential to protecting your business. Unfortunately, criminals today are much more sophisticated than in days past so using the standard locks and chains is no longer recommended. For this reason, it is crucial that you, as the business owner, work with your human resources department to create a security system so all your employees can enjoy a safe working environment.

Controlled access, alarm systems, gated entry, card readers and closed-circuit camera systems are all common types of commercial security systems. Controlled access limits the access to those on the outside. This type of system requires that anyone who wants to enter the establishment must have an access card or other special permission to gain entry. This may be done digitally or manually, depending on your business type and how much traffic enters and exits the building.

Alarm systems are ideal for alerting you when an unauthorized person is trying to gain access to your business. Alarm systems are mainly used and executed after business hours. Closed-circuit camera systems are one way that you can keep track of not only your staff but also your customers and the business as a whole. Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, will help you in the event your business experiences a theft or other security breach.

Gated entry commercial security systems are used many times when there are several authorized personnel who have access to the same building and parking structure. As each vehicle enters the structure, the vehicle must go through a security checkpoint to assure that they are authorized to lawfully enter.

Card readers are ideal if your business has employees that are allowed access to only certain areas. Those who have a card can access the building, room or wing they are permitted to have access to. Having a commercial security system can give you piece of mind.

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