Due to Roberto's inabilty to regulate his own body heat he must constantly be aware of getting too cold or overheating. He has problems running around and having fun like all the other kids.

The place that Roberto gets to exercise and have fun with a reduced risk is at the local pool. Roberto loves swimming and playing in the water. One of the goals of Help Roberto is to raise money for the construction of a specialized pool designed for Roberto and his needs.

Every little bit help, so feel free to donate any amount that you can. A donation as small as $1 can still help Roberto.

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Roberto's specific case of Congentital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA) is complicated by his hyperactivity. His hyperactivity combined with the inability to sweat means that Roberto has a high risk of heat stroke.

Roberto never feels hunger, and as a result doesn't know when to eat. Roberto must be monitored closely for injury, and if anything is suspected he must be thoroughly inspected. When he was 2 1/2, Roberto walked on a broken foot for days not knowing the damage he was causing.

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Roberto currently attends a pre-kindergarten program where he has made tons of progress. His speech is becoming clearer all the time, and more people are starting to understand him. He will start kindergarten in the fall.

Roberto attends physical therapy, occupation therapy and speech therapy each week, in addition to school. As a family we work with Roberto at the swimming pool to increase his strength and burn off his hyperactivity. He loves playing in the water and really doesn’t see it as exercise.

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